Production of rubber technical items


Our rubber items vary from simple circular shapes to complex layouts and outlines laser engraved. Working thicknesses range from 0.2 mm to 20 mm.

NIS S.r.l. molds articles with different inserts: aluminium, iron, plastic and magnets, with diameters from 6 mm up to over 200 mm

Raw materials used by NIS are both standard and customized elastomers, designed according to our recipes to respond to Customers’ specific needs.

Main ones are NBR, EPDM, HNBR, FKM, VQM, CR and silicons.

Inserts are made in aluminium, iron, plastic and magnets, They are treated to prevent corrosion and painted to improve bonding with rubber.


NIS is specialized in the production of rubber and metal-rubber technical items Total workforce: 85 people, 21 employees and 64 manpower. Horizontal machines are ran by five persons per shift, 24 h/day

Production line

Our production line has 34 horizontal machines and 16 vertical ones, most of them network connected to track process data. We have installed three automatic UTP machines for the dimensional and surface defect control. In the equipment portfolio there are CNC machines for grinding / cutting of the sealing lips and special control machines with the specific purpose for the individual articles.

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NIS is a company with deep roots, with over than 50 years of experience in this industry. Currently employes 75 persons, aged lower than 40 years in average, the majority are women.

NIS exports over 80% of its turnover all over the world: main destinations are Europe, Far East, India, North and South America.NIS products have different applications: Automotive, machinery and household appliances.

NIS has a UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 and IATF 16949: 2016 certified Quality Management System.



Mould construction

We are studying and creating the best solutions for each type of mould, bringing to perfection the techniques in the design and construction step of moulds to be used mainly for the automotive, precision pneumatics and household appliances field.


NIS has an horizontal molding production line, dedicated to automatic production, and a vertical one, used for metal-rubber components. They are all under SPC control and process parameters are recorded.To complete the production, items are punched with pneumatic machines or cut to create sealing lips with particular shapes.


To complete the production, the articles are sheared/blanked by means of the pneumatic machines, or cut to have the sealing lips with the particular geometrical designs. We have a department specialized in for post vulcanization and additional treatments and also a laser engraver, used both to cut articles with complicated shapes and to engrave the batch number on the piece and ensure its traceability. The control department has three automatic UTP optical vision machines for automatic visual and dimensional control.


NIS have a internal lab equipped with digital measurement machines to control incoming materials, semifinished and finished products. Control department has an optical UTP machine for visual and dimensional automatic controls. Our Lab is equipped with optical measuring systems, digital dynamometer and others to perform the measurements required by customers


Our warehouse is handled with dynamic allocations and controlled by a wi-fi terminal that allows optimal FIFO rotation. Each package is identified with a barcode and the traceability chain is guaranteed for each working phase from raw material to finished products.


Once all our products are accepted in our warehouse, they are ready to be shipped. NIS exports all over the world: main destinations are Europe, Far East, India, North and South America.

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